Hyundai Home (Country Garden Group) - Application of forklift speed limiter SP02A-1

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2023-07-28 10:39

Company background:

Zhaoqing Country Garden Modern Home Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Country Garden Group, a Fortune 20 company. With an investment of nearly 19 billion RMB, the company is located in Linjiang Industrial Park, Zhaoqing High-tech Industrial Development Zone (Dawang). Zhaoqing base now has 70 factory buildings, covering an area of 15000,<> square meters and employing about <>,<> people. The main production of furniture (event, civil, hotel, fixation), flooring (reinforced, solid wood, composite), cabinets, bathroom mirrors/cabinets, wardrobes, shower rooms and other finished household items.




Enterprise demand analysis:

In 2019, the company put forward speed limit requirements for the safety management of forklift operations in the factory, due to the fast speed of forklift operators, resulting in the phenomenon of cargo rollover often occurs, the company requires the installation of speed limiting devices on forklifts.




Our solutions:

Application of forklift speed limiter SP02A-1




Key Features:

1. Remote control setting function: remote control setting can be carried out.

2. Mandatory speed limit function: control the maximum driving speed of the vehicle. (Does not affect the original car power)

3. External speaker alarm: loud sound, good sound quality, alarm sound up to 120dB.

Product advantages:

The main advantage of forklift speed limiter is reflected in the "forced speed limit", that is, the vehicle speed is forcibly limited without affecting the original vehicle power. It not only effectively curbs the speeding violations of forklift drivers, but also creates a safe and worry-free driving environment for the company's factory.




After-sales feedback:

Zhaoqing Country Garden Modern Home Co., Ltd. - forklift speed limiter SP02A-1 application for more than half a year, obtained the company's high recognition of our products, forklift speed limiter SP02A-1 simple installation, can effectively prevent and reduce accidents, protect life and property safety, better promote the development of enterprises, and said that in each factory to promote.

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