A high-precision circuit board with a minimum hole of 0.10mm, a minimum line width/spacing of 3mil, and a maximum of 30 layers. The surface is treated with various surface treatments such as gold, silver, copper, lead tin, and tin. The substrate can be FR4, CEM-3, CEM-1, FR1, aluminum substrate, PTFE, ceramic, and other hard boards, as well as flexible circuit boards (FPCs) with 1-8 layers. All product categories meet IPC standards in terms of performance.




Production mode: SMD components/inline components/

Quality certification: ISO9001 | ISO13485 | IATF16949

Processing form: SMD/plug-in/BGA/lead soldering/lead-free soldering/reflow soldering/wave soldering

Detection form: online SPI/online AO I/X-ray/ROHS detection/manual visual inspection