Beijing Coca Cola - Application of forklift card swiping recorder S0

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2023-07-28 10:46

Company background:

In 1992, Beijing Coca-Cola was incorporated and officially became an independent joint venture beverage company. The company uses local resources to produce and sell Coca-Cola, Diet Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, eye-catching fruity soda series products and queer juice, minute maid series drinks, Nestle tea, raw leaf tea, ice dew mineral water and other beverages. Since entering the development zone, Beijing Coca-Cola has immediately embarked on the fast track of rapid development, once occupying nearly 70% of Beijing's carbonated beverage market.




Enterprise demand analysis:

Beijing Coca-Cola Company due to the huge sales volume, so the daily cargo handling volume is also super large, so the factory's management of forklifts and employees urgently needs intelligence. Company managers wanted to improve the efficiency of forklifts while monitoring the working hours of employees and distributing them according to work.




Our solutions:

Application of forklift swipe recorder S0




Forklift card recorder S0 has multi-functional characteristics, which not only improves the safety factor of fleet operation and the work efficiency of employees, but also helps enterprises reduce the operating costs of the fleet.

1. Using microcomputer program control, with the help of the platform's powerful data analysis function, the data integration of vehicles and drivers is realized.

2. Focusing on the two themes of forklift efficiency and forklift personnel management, the product makes it easier for managers to manage vehicles and evaluate the work performance of drivers.

3. The advantages of this product are reflected in "swiping" and "recording", that is, assigning drivers and vehicles through IC card authorization, and recording the specific data of each forklift in the cloud background, which can be applied to the performance assessment of forklift drivers in the enterprise and vehicle deployment management.




After-sales feedback:

1. Make managers aware of the idle and utilization of all forklifts.

2. Make managers have a clear view of the utilization rate and work efficiency of forklifts in various institutions and shifts, provide data support for coping with forklift deployment and organizational performance evaluation, and greatly improve work efficiency.

3. Let the vehicle be maintained and repaired in time, operate without disease, and reduce the occurrence of safety accidents.

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