DFSK Motor ---- Application of Automobile Speed Limiter SP001

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2020-11-04 10:35

Company background:

Dongfeng Xiaokang Automobile Co., Ltd. was established in June 2003, 6% owned by Chongqing Xiaokang Industrial Group Co., Ltd. and Dongfeng Motor Company, mainly engaged in the research and development, production, sales and service of SUVs, MPVs, various mini cars and other models. By the end of 50, the market ownership of the company's series products had exceeded 2016 million units. At present, the main models of Dongfeng Xiaokang Automobile Co., Ltd. include Fengguang 300, Fengguang S580, Fengguang 560, Fengguang 370 and so on.




Enterprise demand analysis:

Since the company mainly produces cars, and some models of cars must be installed with a car speed limiter before it can be licensed on the road, the company found our company in 2014 and hoped that our company would provide accessories or devices for car speed limiters.




Our solutions:

Application of car speed limiter SP001

1. Under the premise of not affecting the power of the original vehicle, the maximum driving speed of the vehicle is effectively controlled.

2. It meets the explicit provisions of the "Technical Conditions for Motor Vehicle Operation Safety Conditions" (GB7258-2012) that only when cars install speed limiters are allowed to be licensed, which has a positive effect on automobile licensing and automobile annual inspection.

3. The intelligent speed limit function ensures the safety of cars, people and things.




After-sales feedback:

Dongfeng Xiaokang Automobile Co., Ltd. has used our products since 2014, and the feedback is very good. In 2015, we reached a strategic cooperative relationship with our company, and so far 80% of the speed limit parts of Dongfeng Xiaokang Automobile use our products.

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