The State Administration of Market Supervision has put forward clear requirements for the safety protection devices of forklifts

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2023-07-28 10:15

Company background:

CNPC Oriental Geophysical Exploration Co., Ltd. (BGP) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China National Petroleum Corporation. It is a comprehensive international technical service company with geophysical exploration of oil and gas resources as its core business, integrating oil and gas onshore and offshore exploration, geophysical equipment, external training, property services and other businesses. It has 197 geophysical teams, and the main geophysical equipment is synchronized with the international advanced level. The company's business has developed to 29 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions in China and 54 countries overseas, and its operating income has maintained the first place in the global geophysical industry for five consecutive years.




Enterprise demand analysis:

In 2019, the head of the company's security department approached us through a friend's introduction, hoping that we could help them solve the safety problems of trucks and transporters.




Our solutions:

Application of automotive speed limiter SPG001.

1. The use of microcomputer program control to achieve the effective control of the maximum driving speed to avoid the safety hazards caused by overspeeding, and at the same time to ensure the free action of the accelerator pedal within the speed limit, this product is suitable for all cable pulling and electronic throttle.

2. The installation of the car speed limiter does not affect the normal operation of the car, the car speed limiter adopts imported microcomputer chip, real-time clock display, reliable memory recording, really effective control of the car driver's speeding behavior, to solve the potential danger caused by the car driving too fast.




After-sales feedback:

CNPC, after installing our car speed limiter, the feedback is good. The automobile speed limiter solves the problem of excessive speed and irregular driving of the company's trucks and transport vehicles, which brings safety to the company.

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