The State Administration of Market Supervision has put forward clear requirements for the safety protection devices of forklifts

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2022-11-25 10:06

Forklifts are a very important means of transportation in the factory area, and with the revision of the "Safety Technical Supervision Regulations for Special Motor Vehicles in the Field (Factory)" by the State Administration for Market Regulation, clear requirements have been put forward for the safety protection devices of forklifts. Today's enterprises are also paying more and more attention to the safety management of forklifts, in order to avoid the problem of forklifts overspeeding, Shuangbao overspeed alarm is installed on forklifts.




What is the role of forklift speed alarm?


1. Voice prompts

After the forklift is turned on, there will be prompts, such as "please fasten your seat belt, pay attention to safety" and other power-on voice reminders, which can play a role in safety warnings to a certain extent. If the driver does not wear the required seatbelt while driving the forklift, the siren will continuously sound an alarm to remind the driver to fasten the seatbelt.




2. Level driving tips

The safety management personnel will set the alarm speed in advance, and if the speed set by the first-level alarm is exceeded, the warning lights will flash, indicating that the driver has exceeded the speed limit, which can form a visual warning.

3. Level  overspeed alarm

If the safety manager sets the secondary alarm speed, when the secondary alarm speed is reached, the alarm lights will flash, and the horn will also broadcast to remind the driver that he has exceeded the speed limit and needs to slow down as soon as possible, which can also form an auditory warning.

4. Three-level lock alarm

When the driver ignores the first two speeding alarms and continues to drive at excessive speed, as long as the set time is exceeded, the speeding alarm will lock the alarm horn, will continue to broadcast, and will immediately drop the power of the forklift, and then restart the power plug-in, will always alarm. At this time, the driver cannot turn off the alarm, and can only wait for the plant management to use the remote control unlock button to stop the alarm.





5. Reversing reminder

When the forklift is reversing, the horn will broadcast "Please pay attention to reversing", which can effectively remind the pedestrians behind and remind the forklift behind that it is reversing and please pay attention to avoidance.

Shuangbao intelligent speed limiter

How to choose the right forklift speeding alarm

Nowadays, forklift overspeed alarm has become one of the safety accessories of forklifts, which is related to the safety management of forklifts in the factory, so when choosing forklift overspeed alarms, we must pay attention to functions such as overspeed alarm and alarm lock. In order to create a safe and worry-free forklift driving environment for the factory, many factories choose to install Shuangbao forklift overspeed alarm on the forklift.

1. Police light prompt

When the forklift exceeds the first and second level alarm speeds, the lights will flash and the "speed, pay attention" language prompt will be issued immediately and continuously.



2. Voice alarm

When the forklift reaches the highest speed limit, the voice will announce "Please note the speed", and the warning lights will continue to flash.

3. Real-time speed display

Shuangbao forklift speeding alarm comes with a display screen, the driver can see the speed of the vehicle in real time, and can always remind the driver to pay attention to the driving speed.

Shuangbao intelligent speed limiter

4. Remote control settings

The plant safety administrator can set various parameters through the remote control, and the set parameters can be changed as long as the administrator takes the remote control. The device itself does not have any operation buttons, preventing employees from tampering with speed limit data at will.

The above is to explain to you in detail the role of the forklift overspeed alarm, forklift in the installation of Shuangbao forklift overspeed alarm, not only can solve the forklift overspeed problem, but also play a role in early warning.


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