The State Administration of Market Supervision has put forward clear requirements for the safety protection devices of forklifts

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2020-11-13 10:21

Company background:

Nantong COSCO Shipping Engineering Co., Ltd. is one of the core enterprises of COSCO Shipping Engineering Group. The company's main business: marine engineering equipment manufacturing, ship repair and modification. Located on the north shore of the estuary of the Yangtze River, it has an excellent shoreline of 1120,40 meters, covering an area of 10,15 square meters, the overall layout is "one slipway, two docks and three berths", 3 deep-water yards of 15-8,<> tons, <>,<> tons and <>,<> tons of large floating docks, and complete supporting water and land equipment and facilities. In recent years, with strong technical strength and professional production services, the company has successfully entered the field of marine engineering equipment manufacturing on the basis of ship repair and strong modification.




Enterprise demand analysis:

In 2015, COSCO Shipping wanted to improve the safety of forklifts in the factory, and storage safety has always been a concern of the company, and often encountered non-compliance with regulations: forklift operations do not wear seat belts, forklifts load goods to block the line of sight, forklifts are speeding, warehouse personnel walk around at will, etc. These phenomena are clearly stipulated in the safety regulations, but it is that some people do not comply and play with their lives. The person in charge of safety management of COSCO Shipping Company, after many inspections and investigations, chose our forklift overspeed alarm SP02A, after 3 months of testing, the performance of the product fully meets their needs, COSCO Shipping requires that all forklifts must be installed with our forklift overspeed alarm SP02A.




Our solution: According to the problem feedback from the safety administrator of COSCO Shipping Company, our engineers gave the solution ---- forklift overspeed alarm SP02A.

Level 1 alarm: When the speed of the forklift exceeds the speed of the set level 1 alarm, the system will start the alarm light to flash continuously to alarm.

Secondary alarm: When the speed of the forklift exceeds the speed of the set secondary alarm, the system will immediately issue a continuous "overspeed, overspeed, please pay attention" voice prompt, when the speed continues to exceed the set speed, the vehicle will be locked when the lock time is reached.

Three-level alarm: When the forklift is reversing, the horn will continue to issue "reversing, please pay attention", when the reversing speed exceeds the set maximum speed value, then the horn will issue a voice prompt of "overspeed, overspeed, please pay attention", continue to reverse overspeed, reach the lock time will be locked.




The benefits of using forklift speed alarm SP02A are:

1. Driver behavior can be restrained.

2. It is conducive to the performance evaluation of drivers by enterprises.

3. The work of forklift managers is more methodical and scientific.

4. Address the critical forklift safety issue (speeding).

5. Reduce employment costs and expenses.

6. It is conducive to protecting the life safety of enterprise employees.




After-sales feedback:

By the end of 2016, COSCO Shipping had installed our forklift overspeed alarm SP8A in a total of 02 branches, and by adopting our forklift overspeed alarm SP02A, it quickly solved the phenomenon of irregular forklift overspeed operation in the factory and brought safety to the company.

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