Shuangbao New Product - Youche Reversing Image

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2023-05-12 10:04

According to statistics, at least 8500,34900 people die in forklift accidents around the world every year, 61800,<> people are seriously injured due to forklift accidents, and people are slightly injured because of forklift accidents.

Moreover, in the process of reversing, forklifts are prone to blind spots, burying hidden dangers of reversing, in order to avoid accidents caused by reversing, it is necessary to install forklift reversing images.





The reversing image is fixed behind the forklift, and when the forklift is engaged in reverse, the reversing image behind the forklift starts the work and displays the situation behind the display.





Forklift reversing image function display


When pedestrians enter the reversing auxiliary line, the forklift reversing image emits a "Didi Didi" beep sound, alerting drivers and pedestrians that there is danger. And the distance is shown in the display.

Green track: indicates the normal safety line, the distance between the obstacle and the rear of the car is still sufficient, and the driver can safely reverse the car.





Yellow trajectory: indicates the deceleration line, the distance from the rear of the car is 60cm, you can continue to reverse the car, pay attention to slow down to view the distance;




Red track: indicates the warning line, the distance from the rear of the car is 30cm, the car is near this line, the parking space is just right, can not reverse again;




Shuangbao forklift reversing image: LDE fill light, 7-inch large screen, waterproof, shockproof and dustproof, smart chip, high-definition picture quality without flashing screen, easy installation. The sound + display screen intuitively displays the situation that informs the driver of the surrounding obstacles, helps the driver eliminate the defects of blind spots and blurred vision, and improves reversing safety.



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