Introduction to the Functions of the Corner Collision Avoidance System for Forklifts

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2023-07-28 09:29

Forklifts belong to special transportation equipment, mainly used for transportation in the factory area, driving within a fixed operating range, and will not enter the road. Even if driving in the factory area, you will encounter obstructed line of sight, especially at corners, it is easy to form a safety blind zone, how to effectively prevent forklift corner collision accidents?




What forklifts should pay attention to when turning

1. When the forklift turns the corner, the driver should reduce the speed of the vehicle, and send a turning signal, slowly move forward on the side of the road, and be prepared to brake to ensure a smooth and safe passage.




2. The driver must reduce the speed when turning, and the steering wheel cannot be manipulated too large to avoid large slip and tipping caused by centrifugation.

3. The forklift should try to avoid using brakes when turning, especially emergency braking.

4. When the forklift is turning forward, the vehicle should drive close to the side of the passage, and the steering wheel should be rotated according to the essentials to avoid hitting other obstacles at the rear of the forklift when turning.

5. When the forklift turns backwards, the vehicle should drive close to the side of the road, so that the forklift can turn safely and smoothly.

6. When turning on a flat road, if there is no vehicle in front, the forklift can drive appropriately to the left, which can achieve the effect of the curve to offset the centrifugal force, and also appropriately increase the speed of the curve, and also ensure the stability of the vehicle forward.


Introduction to the functions of forklift corner collision avoidance system

Because the operating environment of the forklift is complex, the blind zone area is invisibly expanded, so it is more important to install the Shuangbao forklift corner collision avoidance system on the forklift as soon as possible to avoid forklift collision accidents. Let's introduce to you what are the functions of the corner collision avoidance system of Shuangbao forklift.

1. The alarm distance can be set

The effective sensing range of the Shuangbao forklift corner collision avoidance system is 2 to 30 meters, which can be adjusted according to the actual operating environment, which can avoid pedestrians and forklifts colliding, and also take into account the collision avoidance of goods.




2. Horn and police light alarm

When the operator approaches, the police lights will flash, and the horn will issue a voice alarm to remind the driver and the operator that there are people approaching or forklifts approaching. (Police light horn is strong and fall-resistant, waterproof and sunscreen, shockproof volume can reach 120DB, police light shows red alarm flashing, easy to install, find a suitable position can be installed)

3. Corner voice reminder, speed limit

When the forklift is turning, it can make a voice alarm. When the driver approaches a corner with a sensor, a voice alarm reminder is triggered. Pedestrian drivers wear sensors that trigger voice alarms when pedestrians approach corners. When the forklift enters the next more dangerous area, such as a corner, a corner speed limit will be applied.



In summary, the Shuangbao forklift corner anti-collision system function introduced to you, in addition to the anti-collision reminder function, but also added voice alarm to prevent pedestrians and forklifts from colliding, cargo anti-collision balance, to ensure the safe and stable operation of forklifts in the factory area, but also to ensure the safety of operators.



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