Is the forklift safety belt detection and alarm system very weak?

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2023-05-22 09:23

Because the speed of forklift driving is relatively slow, many drivers do not wear seat belts when driving forklifts, completely unaware of the harm of not wearing seat belts, and even some forklift drivers think that the forklift seat belt detection and alarm system is very chicken, what is the real situation? Let's explain it in detail for you.




According to the relevant provisions of the "Special Equipment Safety Technical Specifications", the driver's position of the driving vehicle should be equipped with protective restraints such as seat belts. Many forklift drivers do not have the habit of being equipped with seat belts, think that it does not matter whether they wear seat belts or not, although the speed of forklifts is required to travel is 5km/h, but many forklift drivers will overspeed on roads in good condition, do not pay attention to changes in the surrounding environment, it is easy to have safety accidents.




Especially in recent years, through the analysis of forklift safety accidents, the rate of casualties caused by forklift drivers without seat belts is large. In order to improve the safe driving of forklifts, in addition to standardizing the operation of drivers, it is also necessary to install the Shuangbao forklift seat belt inspection alarm system.




Seat belts need to be checked before use

1. Check whether the components of the seat belt are intact and not damaged or damaged.

2. The side belt of the forklift seat belt is not broken, kinked, etc.

3. The metal parts equipped with the forklift seat belt have no cracks and no serious corrosion.

4. The hook tongue and bite of the forklift are flat, there is no misalignment, and the self-locking device is complete.

5. The lock position of the seat belt has no obvious deviation, and the surface is flat.

6. When checking the seat belt, the seat belt can be smoothly pulled out of the winder during the process of slowly pulling the seat belt down by hand. If you jerk the seat belt should not be pulled, otherwise the seat belt has failed.

7. The forklift driver remembers to reset and retract the seat belt when getting out of the vehicle to prevent tripping when getting out of the car.




The importance of forklift seat belt inspection alarm system

Seat belt is the "life belt", once the forklift driver is careless, does not wear the seat belt and causes casualties, so by installing the double treasure forklift seat belt inspection alarm system on the forklift, the safety factor of the forklift is increased. Shuangbao forklift safety belt detection and alarm system is composed of seat belt and alarm, the following to introduce the specific functions of Shuangbao forklift safety inspection and alarm system:

1. Shuangbao forklift seat belt detection and alarm system has a variety of characteristic management functions, including seat belt detection prompts.

When the forklift driver is not wearing a seat belt, a voice alarm "Please fasten your seat belt, please wear a seat belt" will be issued, and the voice alarm can be customized.




2. When the seat belt is disconnected, the seat belt detection and alarm system of Shuangbao forklift will carry out "Please fasten the seat belt, please fasten the seat belt", voice reminder.

3. Optional: The forklift driver will control the vehicle to start or limit the speed after disconnecting the seat belt.

The above is to share with you the double treasure forklift seat belt detection and alarm system, forklift by using the double treasure forklift seat belt inspection alarm system, can freely change the seat belt color, so that the seat belt becomes more eye-catching, but also added voice reminder function, always remind forklift drivers to fasten seat belts, effectively improve the driving safety of forklifts, but also ensure the safety of drivers, reduce the incidence of forklift safety accidents.



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