How fragrant! Forklift operation area management system

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2023-07-28 09:21

Forklifts can handle goods in the factory area and improve work efficiency. However, in actual operation, forklifts have greater safety risks, so more and more factories begin to pay attention to forklift safety. By equipping forklifts with a series of equipment, improve the safety of forklifts, such as installing forklift area lights on forklifts, which can effectively remind pedestrians to avoid forklifts and prevent forklifts from crashing into people. Next, I will introduce the forklift operation area management system in detail



What is the role of the forklift operation area management system?

1. Reduce the accident rate

When the forklift is reversing, the forklift driver's line of sight is very easy to obstruct, so forklift accidents are more likely to occur when reversing. After installing the forklift operation area management system, you can project a red aperture in the area of about three meters behind the forklift left and right (the distance is adjustable), and automatically trigger a voice reminder when the pedestrian enters the red light range, so that the pedestrian can be lifted again, and the forklift is working to prevent forklift accidents.

Whether during the day or at night, as long as pedestrians and obstacles enter the danger range, voice reminders will be triggered to warn the oncoming vehicles and pedestrians in all directions, and at the same time, forklift drivers can see the situation on the road and ensure the safe driving of forklifts.

2. Alert people around

Forklifts work at night or in dimly lit workshops, because there is no restriction around them, by using the forklift operation area management system, you can alert the personnel in the surrounding area, and also allow forklift drivers to measure distance and prevent collisions.

Since the working environment of the forklift is relatively noisy, it is equipped with a striking red beam, which can bring a warning effect.




The forklift operation area management system is applicable to a wider range of models, and the applicable models are: diesel forklifts, electric forklifts, warehouse logistics vehicles, engineering vehicles, truck boundary lights, regional safety lights, etc.

When forklifts are in operation, the forklift operation area management system is an indispensable tool, if the forklift is used improperly or illegally at night, it is more likely to cause danger. The forklift driver himself works on the forklift, there is no command staff around, there is a blind area to observe, by installing the forklift operation area management system on the forklift, it can play a visual warning role, and the red area is the safe and driveable area. With the forklift operation area management system, the driving specifications of forklift drivers can be strengthened and forklift collision accidents can be effectively avoided.




The above is to share with you the Shuangbao forklift operation area management system, the installation is very simple, can be used normally in the environment of -35 ° C to 60 ° C, 9-100v high pressure resistance, dustproof and shockproof waterproof, double treasure forklift area light is not really fragrant!

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