Shipyard specific forklift safety equipment

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2023-06-09 09:11

As a kind of logistics equipment that can greatly improve logistics efficiency, forklifts are entering enterprises and companies, and in the context of increasing labor costs, the future of machinery replacing labor has become unstoppable.

Many logistics personnel in shipyards give priority to forklifts in the process of transporting materials and workpieces, because forklifts travel faster, transport flexibly, and have better load capacity, but shipyards have many people, more things, and many blind spots, which are prone to hidden dangers in safe operations.




How to avoid hidden dangers of shipyard safety operation?

  1. Forklift dedicated vehicle management

Install Shuangbao forklift recorder on the forklift, only get the forklift license and experienced drivers, give authorized drivers can swipe the card to open the forklift, while the Shuangbao forklift recorder has a U disk data export function, the driver by using the IC card to drive, can know what time the driver goes to work, off work, what is the speed of the forklift, the administrator according to the data record, judge whether the driver is speeding during the operation, so as to reward and punish.

When the forklift driver's driving speed exceeds the speed value set by the forklift recorder, the equipment will also give voice prompts: "overspeed, overspeed, please pay attention", "overspeed, overspeed, please pay attention", until the driver's speed slows down and does not exceed the limit speed value, and the voice stops announcing. The shipyard is noisy, and the forklift recorder voice horn can achieve 120 decibels.




2. Limit the maximum driving speed of forklifts

Overspeed leads to accidents, whether in the highway, factory, workshop, is the focus of safety hazards, on the forklift equipped with Shuangbao forklift speed limiter, according to the need to set the maximum driving speed, without affecting the original vehicle power, improve efficiency at the same time, but also can eliminate the root of the safety hazard.

When the speed of the forklift reaches a preset alarm speed, the system emits a continuous beep code. When the speed of the forklift is close to the speed limit, the system will issue a continuous "overspeed, overspeed, please pay attention" voice prompt and warning light flashing prompt; When the speed exceeds the speed limit, the throttle controller will automatically control the fuel supply to the vehicle, so that the vehicle speed is reduced to the speed limit.




3. Intelligent management data platform

Install forklift remote control terminal equipment on the forklift, shipyard through the online management data platform that comes with the equipment, carry out real-time monitoring of forklifts, record each transportation volume, and can count the workload of each vehicle, and then calculate the workload of physical personnel according to the dispatch order, according to the dynamic changes of production, transmit daily production tasks to the basic logistics unit, reasonably adjust human resources and equipment resources, and meet the production needs of the shipyard by cooperating with the adjustment work.




Shuangbao forklift intelligent management system:

(1) With the function of swiping the card to drive, only authorized drivers can open the vehicle (record the actual working time of the driver)

(2) Regional speed limit function, management personnel can issue speed limit value instructions in different areas through the platform to achieve speed limit in a specific area

(3) Remote management function, customers only need to log in to the platform to query the real-time location of the vehicle, who the driver is, what time to work, etc




(4) Real-time voice scheduling function, management personnel can remotely dispatch in front of the computer at any time, which is convenient for reasonable arrangement of vehicle use

(5) Monitoring and maintenance function, according to the last vehicle maintenance time record, the system automatically calculates the next forklift needs maintenance time reminder

(6) Platform data analysis, powerful data analysis and query record functions, intelligent identification and accurate identification and accurate differentiation of each driver's driving time and speeding records.

According to the actual situation of the shipyard, the forklift recorder, forklift speed limiter, and forklift intelligent management data platform are installed on the forklift, which can improve the management efficiency and work efficiency of the shipyard and reduce the potential safety hazards in the factory.



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