Double Treasure Forklift Card Lock: CI card activation, seat belt fastening, overspeed voice reminder to ensure forklift operation safety

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2023-06-15 09:08

Forklifts are highly standardized and versatile, widely used in factories and mines, warehouses, stations, ports, airports, freight yards, circulation centers and distribution centers and other places, and can enter the cabin, compartment and container, the finished parts, packaging and pallets, containers and other containers for loading and unloading, stacking, destacking, short-distance handling and other operations, is pallet transportation, container transportation indispensable equipment.

However, forklift safety can not be ignored, once the forklift accident, the lightest degree is serious injury, serious will lead to death, and the amount of compensation is huge, which is a big thing for the driver or the enterprise.




The installation of Shuangbao forklift card lock can effectively reduce the safety accidents caused by non-professional drivers opening the vehicle, not wearing seat belts, and forklift drivers driving too fast, and effectively reduce the hidden dangers in the safety of forklift operations. Improve forklift drivers' work efficiency and awareness of safe production.




Installing a Shuangbao swipe lock on a forklift can solve the following problems:

Question 1:

Authorize the employee IC card to the forklift driver's license, and through the enterprise training of the employee, the special vehicle can be realized, and the potential safety hazards caused by the forklift operation can be effectively avoided.

Question 2:

The management card can set the permissions of the employee card, which is more convenient to manage the departing and new employees.

Question 3:

The forklift cannot be opened without a seat belt, and the forklift seat belt is a life belt, and the seat belt can effectively avoid the occurrence of forklift rollover, collision and other dangers.


Shuangbao Electronics deeply cultivates forklift safety products, focusing on forklift and factory safety solutions and technology research, through more than ten years of development we have a perfect forklift factory safety product system, can develop a variety of corresponding solutions for different safety hazards.



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