Midea Group Cooperation Case

Release Time

2024-04-10 17:16

Business needs:
Midea Group's transportation requirements are to transport different weights quickly and efficiently. Unpredictable safety accidents are prone to occur due to excessive weight or obstruction of vision. In 2016, Midea Group issued a guiding specification document for the safe operation of forklifts in the factory, requiring forklifts in the factory to be equipped with the S2 man-vehicle management system.
After market research, Midea adopted our company's S2 man-vehicle management system, which improved the efficiency of forklift safety management in the factory and reduced the occurrence of forklift safety accidents.
Apply our company's S2 people and vehicles management system
Implementation effect:
1. Speed limit alarm: Level 1 warning light; level 2 voice alarm; if speeding continues, the current driver’s illegal speeding will be recorded and the speed limit will be enforced;
2. Authorization management function: The driver can be authorized to drive, realizing the management of one truck and one truck, one truck and multiple trucks, and multiple trucks and one truck, which facilitates forklift rental management;
3. Data analysis: The platform can check the usage status of forklifts at any time, such as: forklift users, start and stop time, forklift working hours, working mileage, number of forklift uses, and speeding violation records.

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