Wuhan Gree Cooperation Case

Release Time

2024-04-10 17:19

Business needs/situation:
The Jiangsu government put forward safety specification requirements after learning about the vehicle use situation in the local factory. Major enterprises in Jiangsu responded to the government's request and required further standardization of information collection and system management of special vehicles in the factory. By chance, they learned about our company's forklift safety modification fleet management system. , developed a strong interest in this equipment system and contacted our company to understand it. The staff also expressed satisfaction after the visit and experience, and actively recommended and asked relevant companies to follow up on our equipment. This system can not only manage the safety of forklift operations in the factory And accident prevention work, it can also manage forklift fleets, dispatch vehicles, employee attendance management, etc.
Apply our forklift safety modification fleet management system
Cooperation time: March 18, 2023 - now
Assembly quantity: 500+ units (number of equipment)
Implementation effect: It effectively realizes personnel information collection and identity management, improves vehicle safety, improves management efficiency and scheduling, reduces the management difficulty of managers, and realizes rapid access to platform information and platform data docking.

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