GAC Honda Cooperation Case

Release Time

2024-04-10 17:14

Business needs/situation:
At the Canton Fair in 2016, I accidentally learned about our forklift remote management system and became very interested in it. By the end of that year, all forklifts in the factory were equipped with our system, and we are also actively paying attention to subsequent updates and new products of our products.
This system can not only manage the safety of forklift operations in the factory and prevent accidents, but can also manage the forklift fleet, dispatch vehicles, and manage employee attendance, etc.
Apply our forklift safety modification fleet management system
Cooperation time: December 2021-now
Assembly quantity: several units (number of equipment)
Implementation effect:
1. The three major functions of mandatory speed limit, overspeed alarm, and scheduled positioning allow the forklift to reduce safety accidents by at least 50% when the forklift is working;
2. The 5 dozen functions of voice dispatch, authorization management, battery monitoring, data analysis, and regional restrictions allow companies to reduce forklift management costs by 60%.

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