Forklift video monitoring system can: solve the problem of collision caused by crowded environment Solve the problem of blind spot of driver's field of vision, and provide video evidence support for the management.
Forklift blind zone collision warning system using accurate positioning technology, in the product base station and the vehicle tag between the real-time detection of the corresponding distance, when assembled with a tag vehicle into the base station sensing range, will sound the appropriate voice reminders and alarms to prompt the surrounding drivers and staff to pay attention to timely avoidance, the factory has a blind line of sight or hazardous areas of the place to play a safety management to prevent accidents.
The main advantages of the forklift multi-function speed alarm are reflected in the "speeding alarm", "alarm lock", "mandatory speed limit" and "large screen display "on the forklift driver's speeding behavior for effective warning, for enterprise It creates a safe and worry-free driving environment in the factory.
Forklift card swiping lock: Using IC card swiping to open the vehicle, only authorized drivers have the IC card,which can effectively control theforklift usage process, making it more convenient for you to authorizethe management of worker information and vehicle management, andeffectively preventing abuse.
1.It is easy to misuse and reducethe driver's respond ability. will brake distance.ectend the reaction time. 3.Aggravate the consequences of the accident. is easy to misuse and reducethe driver's respond ability. 2.It will brake distance.ectend the reaction time 3.Aggravate the consequencesof the accident.
Forklift driver departure alarm can reduce forklift safety accidents, reduce safety hazards in thefactory area, remind drivers to pay attention to driving , remind surrounding personnel to payattention to safety, and improve forklift drivers' awareness of safety production.
Forklift card swiping lock: Using IC card swiping to open the vehicle, only authorized drivers have the IC card , reduce safetyhazards in the factory area. When personnel approach the blind spot offorklifts, the horn will sound a voice alarm, which can improve theawareness of pedestrians and forklift drivers on safety production
The forklift video collision prevention system can make the forklift in the factory area work more safely and efficiently, It can help drivers observethe surroundings in real time, send a voice alarm when someone passesby, and display it on the display screen to remind drivers to pay attentionto safety.
The forklift operation area management system has designated the working area for the forklift, mainly detecting the left, right, and rear directions of the vehicle. When someone or goods come into contact with red light, the light quickly flashes, and the horn emits an alarm. At the same time, it also applies speed limit brakes to remind workers to stay away from the danger source.
Forklift video monitoring system: solves collision accidents caused bycrowded environments, solves blind spots in drivers' driving vision, andprovides video evidence support for management departments
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