Forklift facial recognition system : Adopting a multi-modular facial inputstorage system to effectively control the forklift usage process, making itmore convenient for you to authorize and manage worker informationand vehicle management, effectively preventing abuse.
Forklift fingerprint lock: Input the driver's fingerprint to turn on/off the vehicle. The fingerprint replaces the forklift key, which can prevent the key from being lost and the vehicle from being unable to be opened. It can also prevent personnel without a forklift driver's license from opening the forklift.
Forklift card swiping lock: Using IC card swiping to open the vehicle, only authorized drivers have the IC card,which can effectively control theforklift usage process, making it more convenient for you to authorizethe management of worker information and vehicle management, andeffectively preventing abuse.
The forklift management system can directly synchronize forklift data to the data management platform, and managers can log in to the platform to view, analyze, and schedule data for each forklift. It not only improves the efficiency of Fleet management, but also saves enterprise operating costs. At the same time, its speed limit and alarm functions create a safe and worry free driving environment for enterprises
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