SF Express cooperation case

Release Time

2024-04-10 17:02

Business needs/situation:
SF Group's requirements for factory transportation operations are to ensure safety and efficiency, and to reduce the incidence of accidents in various blind spots. After understanding the situation of relevant enterprises, our company recommended the use of our AI intelligent anti-collision system, implemented customized solutions according to the corresponding factory operation conditions, and quickly implemented and installed them.
The system can realize video monitoring and real-time capture of the pedestrian environment around the work vehicle, approach alarm reminder, speed limit control and driver behavior detection, and can upload alarm data to the background for recording and other functions.
Apply our company's AI intelligent anti-collision system
Cooperation time: March 2023-now
Implementation effect:
After the installation was implemented, the operating safety of the vehicle has been effectively improved, and collision accidents caused by drivers not paying attention to the surrounding environment have been effectively eliminated. The effect of rapid adjustment and real-time monitoring on the mobile phone and the anti-collision performance of the product have also been recognized by factory management. The recognition of personnel reduces the management cost of transportation vehicles.

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