Xi An LONGi Cooperation Case

Release Time

2024-04-10 17:06

Business needs/situation:
Xi'an LONGi's requirement is to achieve fast and efficient transportation collision avoidance management. Since the factory environment blocks the view, unpredictable safety accidents are prone to occur. Many of its companies, such as (LONGi Xi'an Branch, LONGi Xianyang Branch, LONGi Jiangsu Branch, etc.) have designated factory driving plans under this situation. , requiring that the vehicle anti-collision system must be improved.
After market research, LONGi adopted our company's AI intelligent anti-collision system to improve the efficiency of forklift safety management in the factory and reduce the occurrence of driving safety accidents.
Apply our company's AI intelligent anti-collision system
Cooperation time: December 13, 2022-now
Assembly quantity: 122 units (number of equipment)
Implementation effect: Effectively eliminate collisions between people caused by blind spots in the vehicle's field of vision. After the equipment is installed on the vehicle, the driver's driving standards are significantly enhanced, and management efficiency and scheduling are improved, which reduces the management difficulty for managers.

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