The Importance of Forklift Efficiency and Efficiency for Enterprises

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2023-01-07 10:52

Today's large factories, logistics parks, large supermarkets and other goods will use forklifts, for these enterprises, the efficiency of forklifts directly affects the efficiency of enterprises.




Benefits of forklifts for businesses

1. After the enterprise uses forklifts to transport goods, it can improve the operation efficiency of materials, reduce the labor intensity of staff, and also improve labor conditions, but also improve labor productivity. From the perspective of economic benefits of enterprises, analysis of one forklift can replace 8 to 15 loading and unloading workers, saving more labor costs, and also improving the operation efficiency of enterprises.

2. The forklift greatly shortens the operation time, but also speeds up the turnover of materials and improves the production efficiency of the enterprise.




3. Compared with loading and unloading workers, forklifts can stack goods higher, make full use of the space of the factory, and at the same time, can also save the area of the warehouse, which can greatly improve the volume ratio of the warehouse.

4. Enterprises using forklifts to move goods can reduce the damage of goods and improve the safety of operations.

5. Compared with large loading and unloading equipment, forklifts cost less and require less investment.


The importance of forklift efficiency and efficiency for enterprises

As a special equipment, forklifts are very important handling equipment, which can liberate labor and improve the efficiency of transportation operations. Is fast the definition of high efficiency?




Many forklift-related safety accidents are often caused by speed, so this cannot be called high efficiency, and high efficiency is to complete more tasks than others in the same or less time, and the quality is the same or better than others. Shuangbao intelligent forklift system can not only manage forklifts efficiently, but also reduce the occurrence of forklift accidents.




Through the platform, the administrator can realize real-time monitoring of forklift data, real-time understanding of the location of forklifts, online voice scheduling of forklift operations, designated vehicle speed limit, regional speed limit, vehicle information management, driver information management, data-based vehicle use, vehicle annual review reminder, maintenance management. Powerful management function to achieve efficient management of forklifts.




1. Vehicle positioning

Enterprise safety managers can know the status of the forklift in real time, and can also play the trajectory of the forklift, and see the last running time of the forklift and its current location. Using the Shuangbao forklift management system, enterprise managers can keep abreast of the use of forklifts and reasonably arrange forklift transportation tasks.




2. Give instructions remotely

Through the Shuangbao forklift management system, enterprise managers can directly issue voice commands, and the instructions will be directly transmitted to the horn of the forklift, and the forklift driver will receive the information in time. Reduce notification times in a timely manner.




3. Speed limit for forklifts

Shuangbao forklift management system can also remotely set the speed limit of the forklift, after the speed limit setting is issued through the platform, the forklift will drive within the specified speed to avoid safety accidents caused by excessive speed.




After the above explanation, I believe that everyone has clear the importance of forklift efficiency and efficiency to enterprises, and after using the Shuangbao intelligent forklift system, the safety management of forklifts can be realized, and the efficient operation of forklifts can also be realized.


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