Building standards and norms suitable for IT service operations in China with SPS as the core

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2023-07-08 17:25

In China, IT service operations centered around SPS require the establishment of applicable building standards and regulations. Here are some suggested areas:

1. Data center security: IT service operations need to ensure the security of the data center, including physical and network security. Buildings should have measures to prevent fire, explosion, and theft, while network equipment and servers should have sufficient protective measures to protect data security.

2. Network infrastructure: Buildings should have stable power supply and network infrastructure to ensure the continuity of IT services. It is recommended to use redundant power supply and network equipment in buildings to prevent Single point of failure.

3. Environmental control: The data center needs to maintain appropriate temperature and humidity to protect servers and network devices. Buildings should have good ventilation and cooling systems to ensure the normal operation of equipment.

4. Disaster recovery plan: IT service operators are recommended to develop Disaster recovery plans to deal with natural disasters, power outages and other emergencies. The building should have backup power and backup equipment to ensure quick service recovery in case of emergency.

5. Data privacy and compliance: IT service operators are required to comply with China's data privacy regulations and compliance requirements. Buildings should have sufficient security measures to protect customer data, including access control, encryption, and monitoring.

6. Personnel safety: Buildings should have appropriate safety measures to protect the safety of employees, including safety training, monitoring, and emergency response plans.

7. Environmental protection: Buildings should comply with China's environmental protection regulations to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. It is recommended to use energy-saving equipment and green materials, while implementing effective waste recycling and treatment plans.

In summary, establishing building standards and regulations applicable to IT service operations centered around SPS is crucial for ensuring service quality and safety. These building standards and specifications should cover data center security, network infrastructure, environmental control, Disaster recovery plan, data privacy and compliance, personnel security and environmental protection.

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