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The indicators of the car are developing with the development of technology and industry, which naturally includes power performance. Power performance is one of the key points of competition between automobile manufacturers, and it is also an important measure for consumers to buy cars. Most cars on the market today have a top speed of 180 yards.




Why do you want a car speed limiter?

Due to the weight load carried by the road surface, as well as the width of the road, coupled with the density of traffic per hour, as well as the geographical situation of the road and the impact of the natural environment on driving, and the frequent occurrence of speeding accidents, the speed limit is now required to be 120 yards.




What is the effect of limiting the maximum speed?

By limiting the maximum speed of the vehicle, the risk of accidents can be reduced, and traffic will be smoother, while also reducing the emission of air pollutants.

Speed limiting in vehicles requires the blessing of technology, how can we find the optimal solution between technical feasibility and traffic regulations? In fact, many car owners have installed Shuangbao car intelligent speed limiter, and after the upgrade of Shuangbao car intelligent speed limiter, intelligent speed limit is achieved to avoid accidents caused by speeding.




How about the upgrade of Shuangbao car intelligent speed limiter?

1. Pre-speed alarm

When the speed of the vehicle is about to reach the set speed limit, the system will issue "drop~~drop~~drop..." of advance warning sounds. If the speed continues to increase, the system will activate the overspeed alarm. (Pre-speed alarm value: fixed to the speed limit minus 5Km/h)

2. Overspeed alarm

When the vehicle's speed reaches the set speed limit, the system will continue to quickly issue "Didi ···· of alarm sounds.

3. Smart slow down

After the upgrade of the Shuangbao car intelligent speed limiter, when the speed exceeds the limited speed, the forced speed limit will no longer be an impact speed reduction, but a slow speed reduction, just like the brakes of a high-speed rail.

4. Speed limit on road sections

Automatically limit the maximum travel speed by recognizing road speed limit signs and map section requirements. For example, the maximum speed of the road in the city is 40 km/h, and the specified speed range of the downhill road, sharp turn, highway and other sections.




5. OBD reads vehicle speed

After the upgrade of the Shuangbao Auto intelligent speed limiter, it adopts OBD to read the vehicle speed, which is easier to install, and when the vehicle reaches the limit speed, it will not produce a sudden braking push back feeling.




What are the benefits of installing Shuangbao Car Smart Speed Limiter?

1. The automotive intelligent speed limiter SPZ001 complies with the "Technical Conditions for the Safety of Motor Vehicle Operation" (GB7258-2012) to allow the license plate only when the speed limiter is installed, which has a positive effect on the license plate and annual inspection of the car.




2. Precise and intelligent speed limiting, control the maximum speed of the vehicle, but do not affect the driving power of the original vehicle.

3. Direct installation, no need to destroy the wiring harness of the original car, the product is equipped with adapter protection sleeve and OBD adapter interface.

4. Suitable for a variety of models:

Applicable models: trucks, buses, school buses, city buses, engineering vehicles, muck transport vehicles, dangerous goods transport vehicles, logistics transport vehicles, cars (oil vehicles, new energy trams), elderly scooters, tourist vehicles, electric motorcycles and other electronically controlled throttle vehicles.




The above is to share with you about the situation after the upgrade of Shuangbao car intelligent speed limiter, after the upgrade, on the basis of the original, the car speed limit is more intelligent, to ensure the safety of vehicles and personnel, on the basis of providing passengers with a more comfortable driving experience.



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